My Story

In my 25 years leading brand marketing, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and workforce strategies at Fidelity Investments, I was an advocate for innovation. Our "big ideas" and strategies were always built from sound research but my experience in Design Thinking equipped me with a powerful way to create sustainable business value. 

I was introduced to Design Thinking through a two-day boot camp and went on to become part of a core team focused on teaching design thinking to associates, customers, and community partners. I led cross-functional teams focused on women & young investors, new hires, and the workforce of the future. My passion for social impact resulted in my work with notable non-profits. 

As principal of Experiential Innovation, I'm a Design Thinking evangelist, coach, and trainer. I facilitate design sprints based on the innovation framework from best-selling author, Jake Knapp. I help corporate and non-profit teams reframe problems, propel creativity, and build smarter solutions, I consult on a variety of projects and facilitate workshops, boot camps, and design sprints.

There so many things I love about design thinking, but, my favorite "aha" is that innovation isn’t for select industries, organizations, or individuals - any business, in any sector, and anyone, no matter their background or role, can learn to innovate.  


Areas of Expertise:

  • Brand Strategy

  • Consumer Engagement

  • Content Strategy

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Digital & Social Media

  • Employee Engagement

  • Experiential Marketing 

  • Event Production

  • Facilitation

  • Human-Centered Design

  • Program Management

  • Sponsorships and Strategy Partnerships